Kit Harington Says He Didn’t Cheat on His Wife in Midst of Nude Photo Leak

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan who couldn’t get enough of Jon Snow’s pasty ass when it was rolling on top of his Aunt Daenerys at the end of last season, then you’re in luck. A woman claiming she had an affair with him has released what she claims are nude pictures of him on the internet, though it seems like all the fun bits are mosaicced out. This is probably because we all have to pretend not to want see celebrities’ junk after those pictures of Jennifer Lawrence’s butthole leaked.

A Russian reality TV star named Olga Vlasova claimed that she had sex with Kit Harington while he was engaged to, and later married to, Rose Leslie after meeting him in Luxembourg. She posted this picture online to back up her claim.

That does look like Harington. But it also looks like Jesus, Jared Leto and literally everyone who went to Comic Con this summer. My money is on Leto telling her he was preparing for a role as a shlubby guy who has sex with women way out of his league. It’s at least as likely as it being Kit Harington. Though it seems a little big from what I’ve heard.

For his part, Harington denied the woman’s story to ET Canada.

β€œThe allegations in this story are completely false,” said the rep. β€œ[Harington] has never even been to Luxembourg nor has he ever met Olga Vlasova.”

Since we got a look at Kit Harington’s blurry dong, want to see the woman who says she slept with him?

I dunno, do you think she’s attractive enough to pull a somewhat pudgy actor from a nerd show away from his bland, pale wife?

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