Lindsay Lohan Tries to Catch A Tyga

Since it seems that Lindsay Lohan has failed to secure any “substantial endorsements,” she has now taken to social media to hit on the rapper, Tyga. Tyga’s main claim to fame is dating and impregnating Blac Chyna, and then dumping her for Kylie Jenner.

Lohan apparently has some free time on her hands. With no brands clamoring to work with her, Lohan chooses to spend her time stalking Tyga’s Instagram, according to a Hollywood Life source who says:

“Lindsay loves the whole bad boy thing Tyga has going on, and she’s pretty much addicted to his Insta feed. She’s had a thing for Tyga for ages.”

Tyga recently posted an Instagram selfie in bed to which Lohan responded, “Taste [raised hand emoji]”

I’m not entirely sure if Lohan is making a weirdly vague reference to Tyga’s song “Taste,” or if she’s making a creepy statement about what she would actually like to do to Tyga. Ewww…..

Although reports have said that Tyga and Lohan have taken this social media rendezvous to the DMs, it doesn’t sound like Tyga is especially interested in Lohan’s bizarre overtures. Hollywood Life’s source continued to fill in the details:

“Tyga laughed when he first read it because he thought Lindsay was just messing around. It’s hard for him to take anything Lindsay does, or says, seriously because of her party girl reputation.”

“Tyga has a very specific type, and he’s just not interested in Lindsay in any romantic way.”

Yeah, basically this means that Tyga realizes that hooking up with Lohan romantically won’t do his career any favors. If anything, she would probably be a liability to him. Kylie Jenner enhanced his reputation for better or worse. Lohan, unfortunately, still has a reputation for being poison to any project.

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