Meet Nora Segura, the Swedish Model Who Might Be the Next Big Thing in America

You’ve probably never heard of Nora Segura unless you’re a soccer fan in America, so you’ve probably never heard of Nora Segura. Segura is the partner of Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Tim Howard who was profiled by The Sun now that she’s moved to America to get her big break in Hollywood.

But that’s just Nora – she’s a total free spirit.

She calls herself a “hippie child” having been raised by young parents who worked in alternative medicine.

Her father is a Buddhist who she credits for teaching her how to live a positive life, while looking after her body and mind.

I think that she’s got the looking after her mind part down pat.

She is really pushing the boundaries of what you can post on Instagram and not get banned.

I for one think she’s got that it factor it takes to make it in Hollywood. And if not there, maybe the San Fernando Valley.

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