Melania Trump’s 6 Hour Layover in Egypt Cost Taxpayers Over $95K

According to government spending records, Melania Trump’s recent trip to Egypt resulted in hotel expenditures totaling $95,050.  The cost was paid out to Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo, a luxury hotel in the heart of Egypt’s capital city. Some outlets originally reported that the princely sum was racked up overnight at the hotel. The First Lady’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham was quick to attack  the press and instead focused on the length of the trip:

The White House spokeswoman confirmed the First Lady and her staff were only there for a 6-hour stay. While we’re all for accuracy, Grisham’s defenses did not address the astronomical costs themselves. The government has got some ‘splaining to do when it’s spending so much money on creature comforts. Especially for a period of time that doesn’t even amount to a full work day.

FLOTUS’ Egyptian excursion cost more than the average American hopes to make in a year. 2018 median household incomes linger around the $62k range, a far cry from the almost six-figure hotel bill.

The trip was part of Trump’s 4-stop African tour.  She also visited Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi. During the trip, the White House’s resident anti-bullying advocate sat down with Good Morning America. In the interview, she claimed to be one of the “most bullied people in the world.”

Meanwhile on Instagram, the First Lady posted a stylized video commemorating her time in Egypt, featuring sweltering music and plenty of slo-mo. The clip also highlights Trump’s adventurer chic style, ripped straight from the wardrobe of an Indiana Jones villain. Given the loving tribute, it might be safe to say that FLOTUS doesn’t share her husband’s “shithole countries” worldview. As long as there’s a luxury hotel nearby for a quick siesta, that is.

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