Michelle and Barack Obama Embarrass Their Kids Just Like Your Parents Did

The Obamas are indeed just like any other family. And Michelle and Barack as parents are really no different than our parents were when we were teenagers. As in, they have absolutely no problem with publically humiliating their offspring.

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As I reflect on election night ten years ago today, I can’t help but think about where my political career started. I wasn’t running for office. I was running a voter-registration drive in Chicago. What I learned then — and what would become the premise of my 2008 campaign — was that you couldn't just fight for existing votes. You had to reach out to all of these people who had lost faith and lost trust, and get them off the sidelines. So during our first campaign, when I started seeing all these stories about record turnout in communities all over the country — from young people in line for hours in Iowa to elderly folks in lawn chairs down in Florida — I knew that we had shown what is possible when everybody decides to participate. And that, in and of itself, gave people a sense of their own power — their own agency in the kind of country we want to leave for our kids. When more people get off the sidelines and decide to participate, our country becomes a little more representative of its people — of everyone's collective decision. And American politics can change as a result. So on Election Day this Tuesday, I’m not just asking you to vote. I'm asking you to really show up once again. Talk with your friends, convince some new voters, and get them out to vote because then something powerful happens. Change happens. Hope happens. And with each new step we take in the direction of fairness, and justice, and equality, and opportunity, hope spreads.

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In Michelle Obama’s new book, she recalls the prom night of her oldest daughter, Malia. Malia told her parents that she had been invited to the prom by “a boy she kind of liked.” She implored her parents to be allowed to attend with him and for her date drive the two of them in his car. Since it was a special occasion, Malia received special permission to drive with her date to the prom. With Secret Service vehicles and detail accompanying them, of course, much to the satisfaction of Malia’s parents.

As she prepared for her big night out, Malia allegedly urged her parents to “be cool” when her date arrived to pick her up at the White House. Michelle Obama recalled that when the three of them went to greet Malia’s date, Malia was elegantly attired while her parents emerged barefoot (Michelle) and sported flip-flops (Barack). Apparently, Malia was already simmering with embarrassment, most likely to the blissful indifference of her parents. However, I’m sure her mortification did not last too long as the Obamas saw their daughter off to the prom. Presumably, Michelle and Barack then retired for the evening, no doubt relieved to know that their lovely teenage daughter would be surrounded by armed guards while on a date with a teenage boy.

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