Pete Davidson Got a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tattoo Because There Weren’t Enough Red Flags About This Guy

You would have thought that Pete Davidson would have learned his lesson about ill-advised tattoos after getting Ariana Grande’s face lasered off of his cockshaft or whatever. At some point you have to stop and say to yourself “I have incredibly poor judgement and should probably stop getting indelible images etched into my flesh,” right?

That’s not the Pete Davidson way, though. No, the Pete Davidson way is to get some old, neoliberal white lady tattooed on him.

Yes, to match the Hillary Clinton tattoo on his leg, Pete got a Ruth Bader Ginsburg tattoo on his shoulder. To top that off, it’s based on Barron Claiborne’s iconic ‘King of New York’ photo of Biggie Smalls.

There’s just so much about this that makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Ginsburg is a pretty good jurist, sure, but that’s about it. Being a Supreme Court justice is certainly an accomplishment, but leave it to middle-of-the-road liberals like… literally every SNL cast member, honestly, to think the most inspiring thing someone can do is slow incremental reforms that accomplish basically nothing but moving things around in the margins.

Anyway, I’m sure Pete Davidson won’t regret this tattoo in 20 years. I mean, that sounded sarcastic, and it was, but unless in the next 20 years someone invents a machine that lets you see yourself the way other people see you then Pete sincerely won’t regret it.

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