Pewdiepie’s Days as the Biggest Youtube Channel Are Over

When Felix Kjellberg joined YouTube in 2010, all it took to make it to the top of internet video was a camera, some video games and a healthy dose of racism. Pewdiepie is probably about to have another heated gaming moment as his channel is poised to be overthrown as the most-subscribed YouTube channel by T-Series, a music label in India. It turns out that for India, a country of over a billion people just now logging onto the internet, a channel offering their favorite Bollywood songs along with full-length Bollywood films is more appealing than watching some weird European guy playing video games.

There has been internet in India for a while now, but the first 4G mobile network in India launched in late 2016, just over two years ago. Unsurprisingly, those people like Bollywood music and movies, and T-Series is the home to some of the most popular ones. Imagine if Warner Brother’s new streaming service DC Universe was a YouTube channel and that Titans wasn’t dogshit and you’ll have an idea of why T-Series is a big deal.

Meanwhile Pewdiepie has been doing s**t like this.

Man, if I wanted to see a white guy be bad at rapping I’d listen any white rapper other than The Beastie Boys. Also, Pewdiepie is not racist but he does a lot of making fun of people from India for speaking a different language, which definitely sounds like the kind of thing a racist person would do.

It does kind of mark the end of an era for the platform. I think this will be the line that clearly delineates the old days when any idiot with a camera, and I do mean any idiot, literally just some dipshit from Sweden yelling for an audience of middle schoolers, could become the biggest channel on YouTube. T-Series is a big corporate entity and clearly the kind of channel YouTube wants people to think of when they think of YouTube. It makes sense, would you rather have your brand represented by one of the biggest entertainment companies in one of the most populous countries in the world giving people free music and movies, or by some f**k-knuckle 80s-film-villain-reject looking bitch making fun of suicide victims?

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3 years ago

What an absolute cancerous article. for a start, Youtube is about individual creators, always has been up until now, when T-series is threatening creative talent by showcasing massive budgets and intruding on a market they dont belong in. Bitch Lasagne is a PARODY of other youtuber’s dis tracks, see the paul brothers for an actual example of a terrible song. Taking the piss out of how indians is also meme worthy by now, if you had paid any attention or done your research you would have found that Felix got into a twitter battle with a well know indian actress… Read more »

3 years ago

You’re so fucking disgusting, i felt the salt through the screen, calm down, pewdiepie will be the most subscribed youtuber and you’ll still be a boring angry man in his 40s thinking he’s a good columnist. Guys be sure to Always enable the adblock

3 years ago
Reply to  Andy

couldn’t hit the upvote hard enough.

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