Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill Goes Makeup Free in New Selfies

Being a model is hard work. Okay, it’s actually not, it’s mostly just looking sexy and walking without falling over. I don’t know why we act like people deserve a medal for being hot and being able to walk 60 feet without tripping over your own feet and spilling gazpacho on Donna Karan. Being a model and being a waitress require exactly the same skill set, but we have models on The Tonight Show and go on Reddit to justify not giving a waitress a tip because she didn’t flirt with you enough even though you know she’s only being paid $2.03 an hour.

You may or may not have realized this, but models wear a lot of makeup. They just pancake that s**t on there to hide any flaws. The problem with that is it can cause your skin to break out, which means you need more makeup pancaked on there, which causes more breakouts… it’s a vicious cycle.

Taylor Hill, a Victoria’s Secret model, has this problem and doesn’t mind letting people see that even models get blemishes in some new no makeup selfies.

She has like, crazy gorgeous eyes. She doesn’t actually even look much different with makeup. I’ve seen way bigger differences.

And she was Sailor Moon for Halloween.

I mean, I’m more of a Sailor Jupiter man myself, but you don’t look a model dressed as an anime character in the mouth. You want to focus mainly on the legs.

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