Tekashi69 Is Living That Suge Knight Life, Facing Life in Prison

Tekashi69 owes his entire to career to the stars that came before him. He started strong in 2015 with a cover of R Kelly’s smash 2002 hit ‘Videotaping Yourself Having Sex With an Underage Girl’ and now he’s making headlines for what many feel is his best work yet, a cover of Suge Knight’s ‘Going to Prison For Life Because You Thought Scarface Was a Documentary.’

In other words, 6ix9ine, who has a 69 face tattoo, was arrested for racketeering and is facing life in prison for 6 federal charges. You know, when you’re trying to prove how tough you are and what a badass gangster you are, a face tattoo might seem like it conveys that message pretty well. But getting 69 tattooed on your face is the most basic bitch face tattoo you can possibly get.

Would you like to see Tekashi’s court room sketch?

That’s a good way to make an impression for your racketeering trial, rainbow pigtails on a grown man. TMZ had a run-down of everything 69 was charged with.

Prosecutors say in April, Tekashi waited in a car outside an NYC office building and recorded while his manager and other associates robbed some of Tekashi’s rivals.

Didn’t this guy get rolled for almost a million dollars in his own driveway? Who the hell made him a mob boss?

The incident where shots were fired at Barclays Center is also detailed … and describes earlier in the night, Tekashi was present while someone from his crew fired multiple shots at another vehicle. Finally, the docs describe an incident in July where Tekashi allegedly ordered a hit on a rival … a move that left one person shot in the foot.

This guy is going to go to prison for life for the world’s most Rowan Atkinson mob hit ever. This is what happens when a guy who thinks having hair like a pride pride flag looks hard tries to be Michael Corleon.

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