The Late Adam Yauch Spent 15 Years Pulling a Prank on Fellow Beastie Boy Ad-Rock

Mike D and Ad-Rock were on The Tonight Show on Halloween and Ad-Rock told a story of a prank MCA played on him that took 15 years.

Basically, a fan gave Ad-Rock a ring after a show in 1992, and the guy was really creepy, but he insisted Ad-Rock take the ring. So he took the ring, left it in his room and then he found it in his bag later. Then, fifteen years later, Ad-Rock found the ring in his bag again and this time he freaked out about it and didn’t know what was going on. Then a week later Yauch told him he had put the ring in his bag, apparently having held on to it for fifteen years just to prank him with it.

You know, the Beastie Boys actually kind of mean a lot to me as a group, so it was fun to hear this story about MCA. When I was a kid, in my very white area of the country, rap was kind of a fad with MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice type crap and it went away and it wasn’t until I heard the Beastie Boys that it was like “Oh, this is a real thing that can be good.” And I’m not a huge hip-hop fan but I do enjoy some of it and it’s because this one band opened my eyes to the whole genre. And I’m sure a lot of people had similar experiences.

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