This U.K. Couple Swore They Weren’t Neo-Nazis. Their Swastika Pictures and son ‘Adolf’ Said Otherwise

Once again, the need for public photographic documentation has brought down a few more people. Racists, bigots, and Nazis are the among the worst specimens of human beings, but at least many of them are dumb enough to broadcast their affiliations, so the rest of society can take appropriate action.

This was the case with U.K. couple Adam Thomas and Claudia Patatas. Thomas and Patatas were convicted in the Birmingham Crown Court for being members of National Action, a banned right-wing terrorist group.

Although the pair denied the charges, police discovered photo albums containing pictures of prominently displayed swastikas in their home, the couple posing with Nazi flags, and Thomas sporting a Klansman robe.

Phone messages ridden with racial slurs and offensive words were also traced back to both Thomas and Patatas. And if that wasn’t enough, their own son has the middle name of, “Adolf” to express Thomas’ admiration for that other well-known Adolf.

The right-wing group National Action was banned in 2016 after the group celebrated the murder of British lawmaker Jo Cox, a known advocate for the rights of refugees. The group went about quietly rebranding itself, and oh so cleverly renamed their organization “TripleKMafia.” Apparently, the name National Action was too subtle for these shitbags, so they felt that they had to be more direct this time.

There’s no doubt that these people are dangerous. They’re not just trying to show off for the cameras; police reported that the group was well-organized, had obtained weapons, and had done research on building explosives. We can be thankful that this group of miserable scum has no talent for secrecy or for covering their tracks, so at least they can be exposed as sick tumors on the human race.

Also, I really hope that the couple’s baby has been placed in a safe home and that his name can eventually be changed. This innocent child has suffered enough having these scumbags as parents.

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