Victoria’s Secret Model Elsa Hosk Chosen to Wear Elaborate Boob Cage

In lingerie news, Swedish model Elsa Hosk has been selected to model the latest creation from Victoria’s Secret, the “Fantasy Bra.” This $1 million bra features 2,100 diamonds (71 carats) and set in sterling silver.

Not to worry, though. If you can’t afford the $1 million price tag, there will soon be a similar style made from Swarovski crystals available in Victoria’s Secret stores and online for a mere $250!

Seriously though, I don’t know of a single woman on earth who fantasizes about having chainmail hanging off her chest. Bra shopping already causes women enough stress with metal wires, straps digging and slipping, potential boob sweat, the list goes on. A real “fantasy bra” for the majority of women would be one of soft, breathable material with straps that stay up on their own and don’t bore into our shoulders, and also have perfect support without any metal whatsoever. And how does Victoria’s Secret respond to the average woman’s ideal bra? Naturally, by creating a bra made completely and entirely of metal!

Actually, the true fantasy for women everywhere would be a bra that feels like we’re not even wearing one. Unless we’re going to be doing battle against the Black Knight or Smaug the Dragon, no woman wants to wear a silver breastplate with diamonds.

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