Blac Chyna Has Plastic Surgery Goals for 2019

I never realized that getting plastic surgery was something to brag about, but Blac Chyna certainly thinks so. Blac Chyna recently posted a gleeful picture of herself posing with her plastic surgeon.

She captioned it:

 “Getting ready for 2019 [dollar-sign eye emoji]  Thank you so much @dremilkohan Can u guess What I’m getting done next?”

I assume that Blac Chyna means she’s already had so much work done that posing a guessing game to social media is quite valid. It’s probably a challenge for fans to figure out what she hasn’t done. Fans on Instagram have been speculating a potential lobotomy or brain operation, which would make total sense.

Seriously though, you rarely hear of someone so openly and actively proud of getting plastic surgery. I was always under the impression that you weren’t supposed to disclose the fact that you’ve had unnecessary work done. Isn’t the purpose of plastic surgery meant to make you look like you haven’t had drastic physical changes? I feel like announcing your intention of renovating your body in advance takes away from the ultimate goal.

Honestly, how much more plastic surgery does one person need without having been in a horrifically destructive accident? Although, maybe Chyna thinks that getting into a relationship with Rob Kardashian was a horrific disaster that caused some severe damage. I can only imagine that being with Rob Kardashian for any amount of time could definitely bring on some premature lines, wrinkles, or worse.

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