Cheating Scum Offset Wants to Win Back Cardi B

Well, it sounds like Offset is trying to take a cue from a Chris Brown. No, no not a violent one. But he does seem to think it’s currently a great idea to try to win back his ex after behaving horribly to her.

We all know how Offset was busted for cheating on his wife of 17 months. Last week, Cardi B announced her separation from her husband and was spotted without her ring. After a week apart, Offset seems to have decided that he wants to try to win back his soon-to-be ex-wife. Here’s what a source from Hollywood Life had to say:

“While he plans to get her back, Offset reportedly feels like he could fail because of his haters, who keep filling Cardi’s social media posts with negativity about him.”

Offset, are these “haters” to whom you refer reminding Cardi B about how you cheated on her, tried to initiate a three-way while she was pregnant with your child, and publicly humiliated her? Because that’s not hating, that’s just true. And all of those points are good reasons for her not to give you another chance.

You two have been separated for what, a week? Just leave the woman alone, okay? You were terrible. Beyond terrible. You were Lord of the Scum. And you have caused her enough anguish to last her for a while. Don’t pull a Chris Brown and start stalking your ex’s social media account and leaving weird flirty messages. It’s creepy and gross. Also, speaking of Chris Brown, you might want to watch out for that little weasel.

Cardi B, I advise you take care of your baby, write some music, and stay the f**k away from your cheating ex-husband. And the otherwise disgusting Chris Brown. Run free, Cardi B.

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