Dakota Meyer Calls MTV’s Teen Mom ‘Trash.’ Let’s Face It, He’s Not Wrong

Bristol Palin’s ex-husband Dakota Meyer is definitely not a fan of MTV’s Teen Mom. I mean, what’s not to like about a whole production crew invading your space and privacy while recording every nasty, filthy detail of your crumbling marriage? Sounds like a fucking blast!

Meyer was essentially shanghaied into participating in the show by his wife, Bristol, a notorious glutton for fame. One of the most common topics of Bristol and Dakota’s struggles was Dakota’s struggles with PTSD. And Bristol thought the best way to address this severe condition was to drag in a crew to shove cameras in her war veteran husband’s face and follow them around for almost 24 hours a day. Yes, I think it’s safe to say that we can all see why this marriage was not lasting material.

Dakota Meyer recently took to Instagram to share just what he really thinks of Teen Mom:

I have to say: Dakota’s assessment is correct. Right now, Teen Mom consists of young moms who have not been teens for a while. Most of their time is spent bitching and screaming at boyfriends/husbands (or ex-boyfriends/husbands), and family members while their actual offspring are usually afterthoughts at best.

Like Bristol, everyone on the show is milking their “teen mom” status to make bank and stay in the spotlight. They’re already being paid way too much money to act like fucking morons on national TV, and they’re hoping that Teen Mom will lead to even more lucrative trashy reality TV deals where they can continue to act like dumb shits. I think we can agree that this show ranks incredibly high for featuring the trashiest of garbage people.

Well, now that he’s obtained his divorce, Dakota can now enjoy his liberty. Run free, Dakota! Relish your liberty away from MTV cameras, your vapid wife, and the insipid Palin family! Go out there and live your best life!

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