Delta Offered Model Nyle DiMarco a Wheelchair to Help With His Being Deaf

I’m not deaf but I did once get some water trapped in my ear that made it hard to hear for a day or two, which is basically the same thing. I remember thinking the whole time “I can’t hear so well, I think a wheelchair would be a lot more useful than closed captions right now.”

This is also the thinking of Delta. Deaf model Nyle DiMarco recently flew Delta and because he is deaf this means he probably needed some special assistance because he can’t do things like hear announcements or hear people talking or hear. So to help out, they brought him a wheelchair.

As we already mentioned, this was very helpful. This is not the first time Nyle has gotten this sort of assistance at an airport, though.

This past March he got a braille safety manual at an airport, because it’s well known how much of a toll being deaf takes not only on your legs but also your eyesight. On the bright side, they didn’t kill his dog or drag him off the plane or spray him down with s**t so I think he needs to cut his losses on this one.

One Idea I had is to start a gofundme to buy Nyle here a shirt or an apron to wear in the kitchen.

Yeah, looks great dude. I’ve heard gravy is best when it’s got some chest hair in it.

Wow, men can get a lot more naked on Instagram than women.

That is quite the mustache young Nyle had there. They call that style of mustache “the playground watcher.” Glad for him that it filled in.

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