Forget Pewdiepie and T-Series, Youtube’s Top Earner Is a 7-Year-Old Playing With Toys

Every year, Forbes makes a list of the top earners on YouTube, which is to say who made the most money. I’m sure your first guess is Pewdiepie, the Swedish YouTuber who is, for now, the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. You’d be wrong, he actually comes in at number 9.

The YouTube channel that made the most money on YouTube this year is Ryan ToysReview, a channel that’s a 7-year-old kid named Ryan playing with toys. Seriously.

I mean, at least he discloses when he’s getting paid to make a video.

So I’m not going to make fun of the kid. He’s a cute kid playing with toys and he made $22 million dollars doing it. And I mean, if you had to choose what your kid was watching on YouTube, I think “some kid playing with toys” would rank a lot higher than “accidental Swedish racism” and whatever the hell Jake Paul does.

Is the fact that a kid playing with toys made $22 million in a year an absurd example of the failures of late capitalism? You bet your ass it is. But he needs to make that money while he can while a 7-year-old playing with Transformers is adorable. It’s much less cute when you’re playing with Transformers as an adult man whose body can’t seem to decide if it’s muscular or fat.

Yeah, no one wants that.

Jake Paul like, dips his balls in things or something, right? I think that’s why he’s famous.

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4 years ago


4 years ago

lmao, you made me laugh today, moments before I have to head out into the American Commercial Christmas Hell AKA Walmart, and for that, I salute you.