It’s Official: Michelle and Barack Obama Are the Most Admired People in America

The news has been pretty grim during the last week with the Toddler-in-Chief throwing a temper tantrum that involves holding the entire federal government hostage. But there is one bright spot (and a bit of nostalgia) this week. Michelle and Barack Obama have topped Gallup poll’s “Most Admired List for 2018“.

In the annual survey (Gallup polled people from December 3-12), people were asked to name a living man and woman whom they most admired most. Barack Obama is number one on the Most Admired Man List, and this marks his eleventh year in a row of holding that title. But this is Michelle Obama’s first time earning the number one spot on the Most Admired Woman List (she’s usually been a runner-up to Hilary Clinton).

It just does the heart good knowing that two genuinely classy, kind and caring individuals made the list. I mean, look at Barack Obama this Christmas! He went out to give presents to sick children at the Children’s National Hospital (and didn’t try to destroy their innocence or crush their belief in Santa Claus, unlike some presidents I could think of). Knowing how much Barack loves kids, his photograph in a Santa Claus hat is unbelievably sweet.

If your heart doesn’t twinge even a little bit at this picture of this beautiful soul, you are DEAD inside.

Yes, it does make me happy to see two deserving people top the list. The petty side of me is also glad that this will make Donald Trump fume about being beaten by Barack Obama again. Trump made it to number 2 on the Most Admired List (WHY?), but, I guess he just couldn’t manage to close the deal.

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