Justin Bieber Hates JoJo Siwa’s Face, Sort Of

I’m old so JoJo Siwa isn’t a name that really comes up on my radar. I had vaguely heard of her before but wasn’t particularly familiar. I now know that JoJo Siwa is a 15-year-old singer, dancer (she had a stint on the show Dance Moms), and YouTube personality. And Justin Bieber hates her.

For Christmas this year, Santa brought JoJo a new car. One with her name and face airbrushed on the hood.

JoJo is only 15, so I’m not sure why she’s getting a car when she can’t drive. Probably would have been better to give it to her after she gets a license, but that’s just me.

But JoJo seems pretty happy about the new car and proudly showed it off on Instagram where Justin Bieber came along to do what he does best. Act like a little shithead in public (as he is wont to do) by dumping on young JoJo’s excitement with this comment on her Instagram:

“Burn it.”

Goddamnit, Justin Bieber. Yeah, it’s true that many adults (granted Justin Bieber should not count as a real adult) might think that this car looks like Rainbow Brite threw up on it. But you know what? We’re not teenage girl pop stars; if we were, this might look like the raddest car ever. Plus, many us went through the sparkly, ultra-girly phase in our youths. And JoJo’s pretty excited about this car, so why be a dick about it?

Later, Justin Bieber issued a non-apology to JoJo Siwa via Twitter:

Actually, Justin Bieber, that’s exactly what everyone thought. After all, it’s not your car; you’re not the one who will (one day) be driving it. First of all, Bieber should remember how people were dickheads to him online back when he was a 15-year-old pop star and know better than to be an asshole to another young star. Secondly, given the way Bieber chooses to present himself these days (i.e. looking like he hasn’t showered in three months), he’s the last person to criticize someone else’s aesthetic choices.

But JoJo Siwa seems to be taking Bieber’s dickishness in stride:

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