Kevin Hart to Host Oscars Despite Being Smaller Than the Statues

Kevin Hart announced on Instagram tonight that he had been chosen to host next year’s Oscar ceremony, which will take place on February 24th and has been a life-long dream for the comic.

The only problem for Hart is the announcement comes less than a day after The Hollywood Reporter ran a story about how difficult it had been to find a host for the ceremony because no one wanted to do it.

The need to win over so many constituents has put off some of the best candidates, who see little upside in taking on a job that pays only low six figures but requires weeks of work; that usually results in a media flaying; and that does little to boost the host’s profile.

Part of the problem is that the Oscars are afraid to have a host who has any teeth. I thought Seth MacFarlane did a great job as host, but too many people were offended by him because they’re a bunch of babies. Going the opposite way and having someone toothless would just be boring.

Kevin Hart is probably a good choice because he is funny and charming without being offensive. But the reason he’s so short is he’s better in small doses. I don’t think he’ll be particularly memorable as a host, but he won’t be bad, either.

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