Khloe Kardashian Thinks Popping Out Babies Will Keep Her and Tristan Thompson Together

Jesus Christ, lately we’ve been hearing a lot of about women celebrities who insist on hanging around men who generally suck. And that’s often putting it mildly. Unfortunately, Khloe Kardashian ranks high as one of these women who won’t give her toxic man the boot.

We all know about the notorious cheating scandal from this past spring when it was revealed that Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant with their daughter, True. The two have since gotten back together with Khloe tentatively forgiving him for the sake of their child.

I’m pretty sure that after the disastrous cheating debacle, no one has any faith that this relationship has much hope for a long and healthy future. And no one was pleased to see a serial cheater be welcomed back into the family fold after delivering an emotional beating to the pregnant mother of his child. I think the general assumption was that Khloe has been in a vulnerable position after giving birth, decided to give it a go at having a normal family for her child, but would ultimately realize that the effort was futile.

However, word has gotten out that Khloe is gearing up to try for baby number 2 with Thompson. Mother of God, please have mercy on baby True and any other child that Khloe manages to produce with this man-child (honestly, I don’t know why these Kardashian women keep choosing to procreate with these overgrown, terminal adolescents).

Here what a source from E! News had to say:

“Khloe definitely wants True to have a sibling and would love to have a big family if that’s what’s in the cards. Things are up and down with Tristan Thompson, but she would like more kids with him. That’s what she feels will make the most sense for True and their little family.”

No, Khloe, no. Just no. Absolutely f**k to the no. “Things are up and down with Tristan?” That is literally the worst possible time to actively try to have another child with someone.

This is not what “will make the most sense” for True. This is what will land True in a child psychiatrist’s office in a few short years to cope with Mommy and Daddy’s belligerence and pent-up aggression. When are people going to learn what a shitty idea it is to have a kid when your relationship is in and out of the crapper?  It’s bad for the relationship, it’s bad for the individuals involved, and it’s definitely bad for the kids who have the misfortune of being produced into a garbage situation.

Seriously, Khloe, just flush this giant turd down the toilet for good this time and don’t look back.

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