Kourtney Kardashian Gives Zero Shits About Sofia Richie’s Discomfort

Another day, another Kourtney-Scott-Sofia triangle story, and another glass of Chianti for me as I puzzle about what the hell Scott Disick did to get two women who are far too good for him (to be fair, any woman capable of breathing is too good for Scott Disick).

People have been speculating that Kourtney might be trying to get Sofia Richie’s goat by posting Instagram photos like this:

The rumor mills have been buzzing for awhile that Kourtney is not thrilled about Scott dating the 20-year-old Sofia Richie. And Sofia herself has been a little uncomfortable with the relationship between Scott and Kourtney because of photos like the above. And Kourtney evidently doesn’t give two shits.

A source reported:

“She [Sofia Richie] knows that Kourtney isn’t her biggest fan and she understands that. Sofia and Kourtney will never be best friends, but Sofia is happy that she has proved to Kourtney that she is great with her kids. Sofia is hoping that her relationship with Scott lasts.”

Sofia might be hoping that her relationship with Scott lasts, but I suspect her father, Lionel Ritchie, is not. My guess is that Daddy Lionel is poking holes in a Scott-shaped voodoo doll and praying something will take. As for Kourtney, obviously, she’s required to have contact with him because of the kids, but hopefully, she focuses her sexy-vibe elsewhere. Maybe she really should consider taking up Liam Payne.

And that just leaves the rest of us to be perplexed over Scott Disick’s charm for these two women. The fact that this douche canoe ever got one woman’s attention amazes me. Frankly, I hope that Sofia Richie gets sick of Disick and ditches him. My dream is that the Kourtney could then become friends and form a coalition and get back at Disick for all the nonsense he’s put them through. I’m envisioning a “The Other Woman” scenario with elaborate escapades and tomfoolery!

Wouldn’t everyone like to see that? Is it just me? God, I think the Chianti may have finally taken over.

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