Lady Gaga Opens Her Las Vegas Residency By Ascending From A Giant Robot

Lady Gaga is always full of surprises. She just launched her Las Vegas residency “Enigma” over the weekend with an incredible futuristic-inspired show. And because this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about here, you can’t expect for there not to be something wholly over-the-top and extravagant at her show. She did not disappoint. The show began with Lady Gaga herself rising from a giant robot. That’s right. A fucking robot (or rather, a massive and impressively designed puppet, but who cares?).

Holy S**t. This looks amazing. A Lady Gaga show on its own is impressive enough to see in person (since she’s a fantastic live performer), but to go to see a Lady Gaga live performance where she emerges from a huge, fucking robot? That has got to be a wondrous sight, indeed.

I know, seriously, I am all about this robot. Yeah, I know that it’s only a puppet (an enormous one) that’s being held together by the dancers, but the spectacle itself as jaw-dropping. Also, I think it just appeals on some level to my inner child that was obsessed with the idea of giant robots stomping around.

And, of course, Lady Gaga herself just looked like a complete badass in her mechanical get-up.

Lady Gaga with her eccentric styler and renowned performance record has always seemed destined to one day have a Las Vegas residency, and she has fulfilled that prediction by a ten-fold. And really, none of us would expect anything less from her. Rock on, Lady Gaga. Rock on.

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