Liam Hemsworth and Cole Sprouse Have ‘Good Dick Game’ According to Miley Cyrus and Lili Reinhart

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t been lying awake at night wondering if Cole Sprouse is good in bed. I just assumed he isn’t because he’s the type of guy to fill his Instagram with black and white photos of himself and landscapes and think it makes him super deep. He reminds me of myself in high school before I learned to stop being a pretentious dick.

You see what I’m talking about? It’s like that guy in American Beauty who goes on about how beautiful a shopping bag in the wind is but what he really wants to see is Thora Birch’s titties.

After a certain point, these articles basically write themselves.

It turns out, though, Cole Sprouse does have “good dick game,” at least according to his girlfriend Lili Reinhart.

He also has “empathy, no hoes and common sense” but those are less interesting.

You might have noticed Miley Cyrus also chimed in to say her partner Liam Hemsworth also has the good dick game, but I’m not sure I believe her. The meme she replied to also clearly says “no hoes” and, well, I count at least one in Hemsworth’s stable.

Also, you’re fucking the Stephen Baldwin of the Hemsworth family. Sure he kind of looks like Chris but he’s never going to get any good movie roles and Justin Bieber is his son-in-law. You’re not impressing anyone.

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