Macaulay Culkin Reprised His Role as Kevin McCallister and It Was Glorious

Google Assistant just came out with a new commercial this holiday season featuring Macaulay Culkin as an adult Kevin McCallister. And it was everything Home Alone fans could have hoped for.

In the commercial, we have an adult Kevin McCallister left home alone by his parents. But luckily for Kevin, Google Assistant assures him that this was a scheduled abandonment since “House to Yourself” appears right on his calendar.

Kevin then engages in his usual antics, but this time with the help of Google Assistant. Kevin uses Google Assistant to control the scary furnace, remind him to change his parents’ bedsheets after jumping on their bed with his shoes on (why?), get a pizza delivered with minimal interaction with the delivery guy, and of course, activate the “Home Alone” cardboard cutout ruse to scare the Wet Bandits away. And it’s pretty hilarious to watch Macaulay Culkin reprise his former child role and relive his character’s hijinks.

However, this commercial does beg the question of why the 38-year-old Kevin is still living at home with his parents. This is a kid who at the age of eight, managed to keep himself alive for an entire week (better than most 20-somethings) after being forgotten by his family and fought off dangerous bandits that were threatening to rob his house and straight-up murder him.

Then, only a year later, this same kid (due to more parental negligence) ended up on a plane to an entirely different state, and through incredible ingenuity survived in a strange city alone and unsupervised. And he completely demolished the same criminals out to kill him outside of his home turf!

Given all the s**t that Kevin went through before the age of ten, you would think he’d have been legally emancipated by the age of fifteen. I mean, his parents were actually the worst. They lost their kid twice in the most spectacular ways and showed no signs of learning their lessons. I know, I’m reading way too much into this, but Kevin was our hero as children because he was a child badass and far more competent than any of the adults around him. It doesn’t entirely make sense that he would still be living in his childhood home with his parents.

If Kevin ever wanted to be emancipated, no judge would deny him after having a glance at the dumbass McCallisters’ parenting record. Kevin was far more equipped to handle day-to-day existence. Which now has me thinking…

Okay, theory time: Kevin’s f**k-up parents couldn’t handle everyday life, went bankrupt, and Kevin ended up buying the family home and gained control of the family’s assets. He continues to allow his parents to live in the house out of pity because they obviously can’t fend for themselves. Kevin’s the real adult here, but he still likes to have his fun when he can get rid of his freeloader parents for awhile.

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