Miss Costa Rica Makes Certain Steve Harvey Will Never Live Down Being an Idiot

Steve Harvey will never live down his massive blunder from 2015’s Miss Universe Pageant. And you can bet that it has put beauty contestants on edge any time Steve Harvey is hosting. After announcing the wrong winner of the 2015 pageant, Harvey had the job traumatizing the contestants by un-crowning the runner-up.

Every beauty pageant contestant everywhere realized her worst nightmare on television. Harvey has continued to host Miss Universe for inexplicable reasons, but you’d better believe that no one will ever let him forget the horror he unleashed. Certainly not the pageant contestants for this year.

Natalia Carvajal, 2018’s Miss Costa Rica, threw Steve Harvey some serious shade during the pageant. Carvajal, a TV host herself, was asked by Steve Harvey “from one host to another” what the most important advice she had regarding her job. Here is what Carvajal said to Harvey:

“I think you’re doing good. The outfit is fine, the smile is always great. But I have to give you one advice. Just for the future. Just in case.”

“If they give you a really, really important envelope, try to read carefully.”

Oh, Steve Harvey, you really bungled your way into that one. Seriously, when you asked that question “from one host to another,” what the hell did you expect to get?

Sadly, Miss Costa Rica did not win Miss Universe (Miss Philippines did, and luckily, Harvey managed to get it right on his first go). However, despite this, I think we all know who was the real queen of the evening.

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5 years ago

Actually he has lived it down. Time for you to do the same.