Miss USA Cracks Bigoted Jokes At the Expense of Non-English Speaking Contestants

Thank you, Miss USA, for being the perfect representative of our country and confirming how the rest of the world thinks of us! Nebraska native, Sarah Rose Summers, who is Miss USA in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, came under fire for making disparaging remarks about two non-English speaking contestants.

Summers’ statements were not just negative, but they were borderline racist. Here is what Sarah Rose Summers had to say about her fellow contestant, Miss Vietnam:

 “She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question — after having a whole conversation with her — and she goes [nods and smiles].”

After giggling like a nitwit with Miss Australia and Miss Cambodia, here is what Summers said about Miss Cambodia:

“Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English. And not a single other person here speaks her language. Can you imagine?”

“Poor Cambodia.”

Did I mention that Summers has a degree in child development? Hopefully, she’s not working with ESL students because I can only imagine how she might taunt them during her off-hours.

Now, I know what people are thinking. “Mean girls in beauty pageants? No way!”

Yeah, the discovery that there are some nasty excuses for human beings in the pageant world is not a new one. Hell, racism in beauty pageants isn’t new either. But you know what is new? Not being able to get away with it as easily as before. Mainly because of the prevalence of social media.

It still hasn’t resonated with some people that everyone has a camera in their cell phones. If you open your stupid mouth and let some noxious comment fall out of it like Sarah Rose Summers did, you can almost guarantee that someone is filming you, and you can expect some serious backlash on social media for your dumbassery.

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