Never Knew Katharine McPhee Had a Bikini Body Like This

Katharine McPhee, remember her? She came out of the American Idol days back when it was still popular and still relevant. Do the names Maddie Poppe or Caleb Lee Hutchinson ring a bell? The answer, for me at least, is no and hell no. They were in season 16 of American Idol. Poppe won the show. She also wins the title: “Who the hell cares.”

McPhee, though, has done well for herself. She was the runner up on the fifth (!) season of the show. Now McPhee, 34, is engaged to David Foster, 69. And you thought true love was dead! I call the people 35 years older than me ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. Ironically, this is what McPhee calls Foster. Daddy. She probably pouts and puts her index finger to her lips while she calls him that too.

Foster is a Grammy-award winning Broadway producer. I read on some rumor site that McPhee was using Foster so she could get into more Broadway shows. It makes sense. What else is a 34-year-old reality show, singing competition runner-up to do? Maybe pimp herself out as a high-class escort? Side note and totally unrelated: What is Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls up to these days? Hmm…

Oh right, Katharine McPhee’s bikini body. That’s what you’re here for. I will not disappoint.

Foster has good taste. He’s probably trying to scribble out play about some singing cats just so McPhee will stick around.

It’s also not the first time McPhee’s put up bikini pics. She threw up one back in July.

She’s not in a bikini in this one, but hot as hell.

Now, go out there and go marry yourself some rich Broadway hotshot.

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