Nick Cannon Goes to the Mat for Kevin Hart on Twitter, Drags Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman

Nick Cannon made no secret of the fact he was happy his friend Kevin Hart was going to host the Oscars when he was still going to host the Oscars.

Hey, I made that same joke, Nick.

Cannon doesn’t seem to be too happy Hart was forced to step down for some homophobic tweets he made, so Cannon dug up some equally old tweets from Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, all of whom are generally considered to be good LGBT allies.

I feel like Nick is making a really good point here. We hold white women and black men to different standards. No one is asking these women to apologize in order to have careers and not be “cancelled.” In fact, some people are going to great lengths to explain why it’s okay to say f****t is you have a gay friend.

Personally, I’m not offended by these women or Kevin Hart, but then again, I don’t get offended easily. And I’m not saying what Kevin Hart or these women said is okay, either, it’s not. But these aren’t things they said yesterday and we viewed things differently at the time. I’ll bet the people going through Kevin Hart and James Gunn’s tweets wouldn’t want people going through theirs.

See, Nick Cannon knows.

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