Nigella Lawson Doesn’t Let TV Stations Airbrush Her Stomach

The last person I would think is in need of photoshopping is Nigella Lawson. The celebrity chef is practically the reason the term “food porn” was coined. Seriously, listen to her read a recipe and tell me beef wellington doesn’t get you just a little bit excited afterwards.

Nevertheless, Lawson recently tweeted that she’s asked TV stations not to airbrush her stomach to make her look thinner, a practice she called “pernicious.”

The tweet was in response to Jameela Jamil, who has recently been campaigning on social media for the right of exceptionally beautiful women not to be airbrushed in magazine pictorials about how beautiful they are.

Serious, I try not to ogle the women I write about even when I do stories about insta-models but god damn is Nigella something else.

She even sounds sexy. This is a woman who clearly needs no airbrushing.

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5 years ago

I don’t understand why it’s considered some great and noble thing for a woman to resist a photo being retouched to make her look prettier, or to object to using make-up, or other such “artificial” aids to beauty. That’s like a carpenter saying that as a matter of pride, he doesn’t use “artificial” tools like hammers to put in nails, he pounds them in with his fist. Or for someone to criticize a pilot for using an airplane to fly rather than flapping his arms. We’re human beings. Unlike animals, we make and use tools. I’m not ashamed of the… Read more »