Offset Going Broke Trying to Get Back at Cardi B

Offset really is desperately trying to get back into Cardi B’s good graces. And he knows he has A LOT to make up for.  To make up for his highly significant transgressions. The two reunited in Puerto Rico for the holidays, and Offset wasted no time in trying in seizing the opportunity to win back his estranged wife.

This dude ended up throwing down over $231,000 worth of stuff for Cardi B’s Christmas presents. This included six designer handbags, various pairs of pricey shoes, and several pieces of flashy and expensive jewelry. Cardi B is not cheaply won. And Cardi took to Instagram stories to show off her haul.

Offset is spending money on Cardi B as though his life depends on it. Between this and his elaborate on-stage apology, he’s been blowing through a pretty vast fortune. But in a way, his life does actually depend on winning back Cardi B; well, rather, it’s his fame and success depends on it. As previously discussed, Offset needs Cardi B way more than she needs him. He’s only recognized as a separate entity from his group Migos because of his relationship with Cardi B. Economically speaking, this was a dumbass calculation on his part to cheat and then get caught (because, please, you’re going to get caught). The cheating scandal has done nothing to help Offset’s reputation or career.

I still hope Cardi B isn’t really entertaining the thought of actually getting back together with Offset. He’s a dickhead, and I see his over-the-top efforts at reconciliation as the actions of a desperate man who wants to see his dream of a solo world tour.

Cardi claims that their vacation in Puerto Rico was just for sex and that she still wasn’t getting back together with him. Well, if he wants to shower her with gifts, that’s certainly Offset’s prerogative. Hopefully, Cardi still keeps Offset kicked to the curb but can accept his gifts as restitution for the humiliation she endured from his behavior.

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