Pewdiepie Is Back on His Anti-Semitic Bullshit

Pewdiepie has so far managed to hang onto his position as the most-subscribed YouTube channel and has even widened his subscriber lead over Bollywood powerhouse T-Series with a campaign from fellow YouTubers that has mixed being tongue-in-cheek with a genuine preference for independent creators over corporate powerhouses. And in the midst of his sudden boom in subscribers and finding himself the standard-bearer of independent creators, Pewdiepie decided to recommend his new followers check out the hilarious channel of a guy who hates Jewish people.

Yes, Felix gave a shout-out to E;R who loves white people and hates everyone else. I love myself too much to transcribe his videos myself, so here’s how The Verge summarized his output, including the video Pewdiepie based his recommendation on.

In one example — a video Kjellberg publicly liked, leaving a comment underneath — E;R uses aerial footage of the moment when a car drove through a crowd of people during the white supremacist-led “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last year. The incident left multiple people injured and one protester, Heather Heyer, dead. E;R turns a scene from Netflix’s live-action Death Note movie, describing how a death is carried out when a name is written inside the titular notebook, into a joke about Heyer’s death using actual footage from Charlottesville.

Although that’s the video Kjellberg is the most visible fan of, E;R’s Death Note video is just one offensive video in an ocean of hateful content. A video from 2016 with more than 2.1 million views called “Steven Rapeyverse, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Fuse” is particularly egregious. It calls the Steven Universe creator “a Jew,” includes sexist and ableist jokes, and includes a four-minute unedited speech from Adolph Hitler.

Now, I didn’t think Pewdiepie was actually a racist before, but I’m starting to. Paying some people on Fiverr to say the most horrible shit you can think of doesn’t actually make you racist, it makes you a rich dipshit. But this is just “I really loved this racist video, check out the racist who made it.”

Pewdiepie responded by putting up a video (that is 16 minutes long) explaining that he didn’t know the guy was racist, he just liked his movie reviews. Which would be a much more convincing argument if he wasn’t racist in his movie reviews. Also, he makes fun of the idea that a guy with 76 million YouTube followers telling people to watch a neo-nazi’s channel is something people should be worried about.

I honestly think that’s a fine position to have. I think Mel Gibson has said some fucked up stuff and I wouldn’t want to hang out with him, but Lethal Weapon and Mad Max are still great movies. But if Lethal Weapon had stopped in the middle for Mel Gibson to go on a rant about how “the Jews control the media” I wouldn’t have enjoyed that particular film. I mean, I might have, but I would at least mention “hey, there’s this really weird anti-Semitic rant in the middle of this movie for some reason.” What I wouldn’t do is pretend I didn’t notice and then ask people why they’re making such a big deal out of it.

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What a fucking faggot this writer


FAKE NEWS. What is it with these terrible journalists and slandering Pewdiepie. The writer of this article should be deeply ashamed.

Maxim Chipizubov
Maxim Chipizubov

Stop slandering Felix you idiots. Get a real job instead of trying to bring others down because you want clicks. Actually watch PewDiePie and you will know he’s not racist or antisimetic.


Media is back on their fake news bullshit.
Seriously, stop making fake news you dumbasses.
Are you that desperate just to get clicks? nah fuck you dude. No one cares with your shitty news anyway.

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