Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Did a Super Bitchy Workout in Front of a Burger Joint

It takes a lot of work to stay in the kind of shape you need to be in to be a lingerie model, but was there a study that showed that being bitchy burns more calories that I missed? If there was, Kelly Gale got the memo because she recently went to In-N-Out just to be shitty to people trying to enjoy a burger that’s not as good as Five Guys. Yeah, you heard me.

Gale posted videos of her going into the burger joint, eating a pear and then working out in the parking lot to her Instagram Story, but they’ve already expired. E! had a recap of what she posted, though.

“Where’s at In-N-Out…so I guess I’m having my pear,” the 23-year-old Swedish-Australian tells a friend, biting into the green fruit.

In another video, her friend sits at a table and eats something she bought elsewhere.

“You don’t eat In-N-Out?” Gale asks. “Me neither.”

Another video then shows her doing leg lifts and skipping rope in a sports bra and leggings right outside the restaurant.

“Hustle for the muscle, right?” she wrote. “Do what you gotta do, right! No excuses guys!”

“Not gonna pretend I eat here guys cos I don’t,” she added.

[Ed. note: see Inside Edition‘s recap below.]

I’m sorry, but eating a single pear and then immediately going to work out so you don’t get fat pear thighs isn’t healthy, it’s bulimia.

It is hard to argue with her results, though.

I’m not convinced though; if just being an annoying bitch made you healthy, Lena Dunham would be a lot thinner.

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