Watch Offset Plead for Cardi B’s Forgiveness During Live Show and Get Denied

Well, folks, it happened. I didn’t think it would occur on this public a scale, but it did. Last week, I wrote about how rumors were swirling that Offset was desperate to win back Cardi B, post-cheating scandal and that Cardi should most definitely not give him another chance. Well, Offset threw down his cards, Cardi straight up rejected his hand, and it was glorious.

Offset had the absolute nerve to go up on stage while Cardi B was performing live at the 2018 Rolling Loud festival. This jackass interrupted her show with a giant wall of red and white flowers that spelled out, “Take Me Back, Cardi,” and offering a huge bouquet of white flowers with this apology:

“I just wanna tell you I’m sorry, bro, in person, in front of the world. I love you. Whatever I gotta do to show you that, I’m there.”

Again, did I mention that this took place right in the middle of her fucking set? Well, Cardi B was absolutely not having this s**t. That’s literally, what she said; the microphone managed to pick up her words to her cheating ex:

“I’m not having it.”

Well done, Cardi B! Good for you for shutting down this nonsense and holding your own! After Offset dejectedly walked offstage and his mess was cleaned up, Cardi B resumed killing her performance.

People like Offset fancy the idea that grand romantic gestures, which are effective in movies, are actually going to win over someone in real life. More often then not, these gestures are overblown, selfish, and annoying (especially if it’s supposed to be an apology for something heinous that you’ve done). Cardi B was on stage, giving a live show when her ex crashed her performance to make everything all about him. Luckily, Cardi was able to dismiss him and move on relatively quickly. If anyone out there is considering a grand gesture in this vein, just stop, watch the video, and realize that rejection is the most likely outcome if you attempt something like this.

Offset is also a huge dumbass. He knows that he fucked up big time by cheating on his wife, and not just because it means losing Cardi herself. Cardi B is currently the most famous female rap artist. She’s far more famous and more successful than him. The only reason people know Offset’s name is because of his association with Cardi B. If it weren’t for her, people would be only  vaguely familiar with him as a member of the hip-hop group, Migos. Cheating on Cardi B was economically a truly moronic move on Offset’s part. He needs Cardi far more than she needs him, and she knows it.

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