William Shatner Demands ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ to Be Played on Loop Because He’s Scared of #Metoo

Unlike the Internationally Recognized Manliest of Men, Idris Elba, you know who isn’t handling #MeToo so well? William Shatner.

Shatner has recently been harshly criticizing the #MeToo movement, particularly when a radio station yanked the universally acknowledged creepiest Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Shatner said in a recent interview while promoting his new Christmas album Shatner Claus that while #MeToo “was great,” it was often used “inappropriately.” Such as in the context of this very icky Christmas song:

“If you look back at things that were written and said 20, 30 years ago, it’s a different context. And you’ve got to judge it by that context.”

“You’re not saying, ‘I’m closing the door and you can’t leave!’ It’s not force, it’s verbal persuasion, which works in the act.”

Okay, I think everyone knows that the lyricist probably did not have the intention of this song being interpreted in the stomach-churning way it is today (if you need a refresher, you can check out the original lyrics) But let’s face it, no one is going to be able to hear (and certainly not sing) this song without feeling very, very uncomfortable. Probably because there are many women out there who have been on the receiving end of this kind of talk from someone with some *ahem* less than honorable intentions. And I’m sorry, but “verbal persuasion?” This sounds an awful lot like a euphemism for coercion.

Shatner continued with a few other choice statements:

“Rape and pillage, absolutely not, those are crimes against humanity. But saying ‘’would you make love with me?’ and the opposing party says yes or no, I can’t fathom what’s wrong with that.”

“It’s like saying would you have dinner, would you like to write a song with me, would you do an interview? I’m not insulted by you asking me to do an interview. Maybe it’s my mindset based on the years I’ve lived, but I’m trying to be fair and I don’t see the problem.”

Dude. NO. What the hell is wrong with you? There is a HUGE difference between asking a woman to professionally collaborate with you and asking her sleep with you. How is this so hard for people to comprehend?

Shatner then proceeded to do a call to action, and tell everyone to demand that CBS Radio play that goddamn song.

“Call into CBC radio all day and get them to play ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ over and over until midnight!”

Yes, radio stations, please play this already irritating song on loop. People hate this song enough as it is, so yes, let’s play it to the point of insanity so everyone can start rioting in the streets like it’s The Purge, but in a Christmasy way.

Shatner, just because you got a lot of hot alien ass when you were on Star Trek, that doesn’t mean you know s**t about how to talk to real women. Go learn a lesson with the noblest Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba; he can tell you how to quit being scared of the #MeToo Movement. This is someone who not only is the epitome of masculinity, but also knows how to respect and communicate with women.

It might be cold outside, Shatner, but I have a feeling it’s not nearly as cold as the reception you’ll be getting from women for years to come.

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4 years ago

The woman in the song is being COY.
I guess the chid blogger that wrote this post has never flirted with the opposite sex before??