‘Yellies!’ Are the New Hit Toy Guaranteed to Bring Migraines to Parents Everywhere

It’s holiday time again, and that means finding that special present for the kids’ Christmas!

You know what parents miss since they’ve had kids? Noise! They miss unadulterated noise! Screaming, howling, smashing, the throwing of random of objects and overall destruction of property! It just got too quiet in the house after the kids came along!

Well, never fear, parents. It’s Hasbro Toys to the rescue with their new hit toy. Hasbro is here to save you from the monotony and silence that comes with having small children in the house. That’s where their new line of toys “Yellies!” come in!

“Yellies!” are spider-like critter toys that respond to sound. Specifically, yelling. The sound of children’s screaming prompts the Yellies! to run as fast as they can (actually, that is also how I respond to the shrieks of small children). Yellies! will even react to clapping, singing, and banging! As long as your kids are good and loud, the Yellies! will surely move!

The marketing tagline for Yellies! is “The louder you yell, the faster they go!” That’s a good hint as to what parents can expect if they or someone else gets the brilliant idea to put this under the Christmas tree for their child.

Parents, I think I (and Hasbro) can guarantee that if you buy your kid a Yellies! for Christmas, you will never have to worry about the house being too silent again. This toy will ensure that your home will be filled with the chaos, disorder, and mayhem that you’ve been missing out on since the kids were born (ibuprofen not included, but should be!). Merry Christmas, everyone!

[Ed. note: It’s even better watching Yellies! run around with a German voiceover. Enjoy!]

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