Someone Brought in a Dead Raccoon Into a McDonald’s in San Francisco, Which Sounds About Right for San Francisco

If you’re a fan of batshit crazy news featuring animals in fast food restaurants, well, today is your lucky day. A San Francisco McDonald’s had to temporarily close after a man brought in a dead raccoon. That’s right, someone carried in a fresh, still-bleeding raccoon carcass and set it down on one of the tables.

One of the McDonald’s patrons, a man named Chris Brooks, witnessed the situation going down and captured everything on video for your enjoyment. On the video, we can hear Brooks describing the scene.

“Well, I did seen it all. Somebody needs to call 911 on this dumbass. He gonna bring a dead-ass motherfucker raccoon and put him on the table.”

Here is the full video for your viewing pleasure. What we have here is seven minutes of utter surrealism.

The man who brought in the raccoon was questioned by the police and was brought in for a psychiatric evaluation. There’s still no word on what the hell happened to this raccoon and how this guy came into possession of its body.

Because a bloody raccoon was dragged through the restaurant, naturally, the McDonald’s had to close down for a few hours. I just feel bad for the poor service staff who had to clean up and sterilize the place. Especially the person who had to remove the raccoon carcass and get it into the trash. I’m pretty sure when these people got up in the morning and came in to do their job, the farthest thought from their minds was probably, “I wonder if I’m going to have to clean up after any dead animal corpses today?” I really hope they got paid a little extra for their efforts.

Oddly enough, the man who brought in the dead raccoon did not meet the criteria for psychiatric detention.  That’s probably the most shocking part of this story.

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