Arizona Residents Try to Stop Self-Driving Car Tests by Throwing Rocks at Them

The concept of self-driving cars is slowly becoming even more of a reality as multiple companies have been testing their models. However, some people are not as thrilled about the prospect of self-driving cars, such as the town of Chandler, Arizona. 

Waymo recently started testing their self-driving cars in Arizona, but several residents were not fans of this beta testing.  And how are citizens showing their disgruntlement? By throwing rocks at the test cars! And slashing the tires! And threatening the test driver with guns! Yes, Arizona, congratulations on finding such a mature, productive way to express your feelings. Because everyone knows that the best way to stop progress is to destroy it through needless destruction and violence.

Self-driving cars still haven’t been perfected, and unfortunately, there have been documented accidents while in the testing phase. But that’s what the testing is for. It’s to get the design and the technology fully rectified so they can be completely safe to use. Like it or not, self-driving cars are coming. There’s been too much time, effort, and research that’s gone into their creation to back out now.

Personally, I’m all in favor of self-driving cars. As someone who hates driving, I welcome the technology that might allow me not to have to do it in the future. People pull a lot of dumbass stunts on the road and cause enough problems, so I would love to remove that whole “human factor” from driving.  Yes, the tech isn’t perfect yet, so I’m also in favor of more testing so self-driving cars can be entirely reliable.

Quite frankly, I’m far more terrified of human drivers than I am of self-driving technology. For that matter, I’m more afraid of a bunch of psychos throwing rocks and wielding guns than I am of auto-piloted cars. These nitwits in Chandler aren’t going to stop advancement no matter what destruction they try to bring. And you know, what? Most of these jackasses are probably the shittiest of drivers, and this tech may be what eventually gets them off the road.

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