Cardi B and Offset are Back On, Proving Being a Whiny Bitch With No Boundaries Works

It seems like only yesterday Cardi B dumped Offset because he was trying to have a threesome with two other girls. After that, he begged her to take him back at her concert and spent a quarter of a million dollars on Christmas presents, and even though she wanted the d, it didn’t seem like she wanted him. But according to HollywoodLife, being a pathetic sad sack works for Cardi B, and the couple is getting back together.

“Cardi B is such a strong person on the outside, but on the inside she’s actually a really emotional girl,” our source told us. “Cardi is slowly starting to let Offset in more and more, but she’s going in cautiously. Offset really broke Cardi’s heart, but at the end of the day, Cardi really wants to make this work, and she does feel like Offset is putting in the effort and work.”

You know, the majority of infidelities don’t lead to a divorce. I know, it’s weird, you would think cheating would mean it’s over but most of the time, couples work through it and stay together. And the reason I’m telling you that is because I don’t want you thinking Cardi is being weak or disrespecting herself or whatever. What she’s doing here is a very normal human reaction, you don’t stop loving someone because they make a mistake or hurt you.

“Cardi is telling friends that they’re ‘back on’, which basically means she considers herself spending time with him and is getting closer to fully being a couple again,” our source went on to say. “Cardi is telling friends however, they are not fully back together yet. Cardi knows a love like that doesn’t come around often and especially since they have a child together, she wants to be with him.”

I’m a sucker for romance, I think it’s nice that she wants to make it work. Not like some insufferable celebrity couples who get engaged after a week and then break up a week after that and keep saying passive-aggressive things about each other through the media.

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