Cardi B Has Two New Videos: One Twerking and One Attacking Donald Trump

God I love Cardi B. Not as much as Offset, but a lot. Enough that i’m totally behind her being the nanny in a remake of The Nanny, at least. And here’s why I love her. Cardi had two videos come out today. One is a music video for the song ‘Twerk’ from the City Girls, which she contributed to.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there, but I’m here for it. The other video is something she posted to Instagram and it’s even better, even though it has a lot fewer butts in it.

When Cardi opens her mouth you don’t think she’s going to make sense, but she does make sense, and if we’re going to elect a fake-billionare reality TV star resident we may as well listen to a rapper explain why he’s terrible at being president.

Basically Cardi is mad about the government shutdown because people are being forced to work without being paid because Donald Trump wants a pointless border wall that isn’t going to do anything. Cardi isn’t happy about this, and she gave what may be the best description of having health care I’ve ever seen because of it.

Now I don’t wanna hear y’all motherfuckers talking about, “Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.” Yeah, bitch, for healthcare so your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches can go check that pussy at the gynecologist with no motherfucking problem.

Cardi went on to say that “our country is in a hellhole right now, all for a fucking wall.” You tell ’em Cardi.

I love the mesage she posted along with the video, too.

I know a lot of ya [don’t] watch the news so I’m letting ya know s**t getting real …..I ain’t going to say nothing much tho I don’t want mofos to off me…..ANYWAYS TWERK VIDEO OUT NOW

The duality of Cardi B: Here’s a civics lesson, now go watch me shake my ass. That’s the kind of woman you marry.

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