Cardi B vs Tomi Lahren Is the World We Live In

Cardi B was out in full force this last week. Not only did she release a new music video, but she came right out and slammed Donald Trump on Instagram for holding the entire country hostage to his temper tantrum over a fucking wall (not to mention forcing people to work with no pay).

Since Cardi B statements came out, the right-wing party’s very own Night of the Living Dead Barbie Doll herself, Tomi Lahren had to put in her two cents.

I take it back. This tweet is not worth two cents. That’s too expensive.

And if you thought that Cardi B would just let that go, well, you don’t know Cardi B.

And you know what? I totally believe her. I think we can all rightly assume that Cardi B would completely own Tomi Lahren’s weak ass. Even Tomi Lahren.

Naturally, Cardi B wouldn’t let that insult lie either.

Cardi B has own Cardi B-way of putting things, but she’s no fool. She is perfectly aware of what’s going on in the world of politics and isn’t afraid to use her celebrity to stick up for people and say what she thinks is right. A woman who can put out a music video one day and tell off corrupt presidents the next is definitely a badass. Well done, Cardi B. Well done.

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