CBS Rejected This Touching Super Bowl Ad That Promotes Medical Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana should be legal. It’s less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and probably those Juul pods that are also basically harmless and it has health benefits to people with a number of conditions; everything from insomnia to the side effects of chemotherapy can be made easier to handle with pot.

Acreage Holdings wanted to show America what cannabis can do to help people with medical needs, and how the unnecessarily onerous federal prohibition needs to be overturned so we can all just get better and buy more cookies from the coolest girl scout in the world. They put together this ad and according to TMZ, they were willing to pay $5 million to air it during the Super Bowl.

But CBS rejected the ad because they’re a bunch of heartless fucking NARCs. Well, according to them, it’s because they don’t air marijuana ads at all. But that’s bullshit because they’ve been airing reefer madness anti-pot PSAs like this one for at least my entire life.

But someone wants to promote the idea that marijuana is harmless and it can actually help people, which is, you know, the truth, but they won’t allow it. That’s taking a side, and not only is it the wrong side, but the only people on that side are racists who like that the police predominantly arrest African-Americans and not white people for smoking pot and alcohol and pharmaceutical companies who don’t want the competition. And while idiots like former Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III might say that pot leads to harder drugs, I’m pretty sure entirely legal Vicodin and OxyContin have lead more people to opiod addiction than pot, so maybe CBS should consider that.

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