Chris Pratt Was Not Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Number One Chris

The universe does indeed work in mysterious ways. Unless you’ve been living in an igloo in the middle of Antarctica, you’ve probably heard that Chris Pratt just got engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger (yep, the daughter of the Terminator and former Governor of “Kahleefonyah”).

The funny thing is though; it has come to everyone’s attention that Chris Pratt was originally not Katherine’s number one Chris pick. A past Access Hollywood interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger recently surfaced this week In the interview, Katherine was asked who was her number one Chris among the trifecta of Marvel Comic Movie Chrises (Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, or Chris Hemsworth). Her Chris of choice: Chris Evans. Captain America himself.

Here’s the actual clip:

But Katherine Schwarzenegger does backtrack after a few seconds on her initial pick and says:

“Actually, Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt has been looking good lately so…”

So, maybe it can technically count that Star-Lord was Katherine’s first choice after all instead of Captain America. And hey, she got him! I wonder if that would work for me? If I were to tell Access Hollywood that I want $20,000 next month will that do the trick? Maybe?

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