Delta Zeta Is Recruiting, Join If You’re White

Good news. The Delta Zeta sorority at Indiana University is recruiting for 2019. Do you like doing Instagrammable things with other white girls, gracefully swimming in clear pools with your blonde hair flowing or dancing with other white girls at the sorority house like you were back at Coachella but this time without the scary minorities? Then you’ll love it here!

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4 years ago

I don’t get it… The girls are hot – who gives a heck what skin color they are?
You should write another snarky post about an all-black sorority. I’m sure that would go over well.

4 years ago

I’m for diversity, I’m against ignorance. As I know nothing about the demographic of Indiana let alone their Uni I googled it just to see if this article had a genuine axe to grind. 9.2% of the state’s population is African American, 5.0% of the student population there is Black/African-American . Based on state demographics, 1/10 of the people in this video should be of colour. Based on the uni demo 1/20. Now I made it 7 seconds through this video before being more interested in googling for demo facts then watching it, so I can’t tell you if 20… Read more »