Everyone Thinks Chrissy Metz Called Alison Brie A Bitch

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The media loves nothing more than a celebrity spat, particularly a catfight (as much as I loathe that word). Sometimes it’s accurate, and other times it’s clearly a reach. And I believe that this particular case is almost definitely the latter.

Yesterday was the night of the Golden Globes, and both Chrissy Metz and Alison Brie attended. During the pre-show, Metz was being interviewed on the red carpet for a Facebook Live. After her interview, the hosts asked Metz to help introduce Alison Brie, who was next to be interviewed on the other end of the red carpet. The camera panned over to Brie, and it was then people believed they heard Chrissy Metz say, “She such a bitch.”

I listened to the video a few times to get an idea of what was said. The audio is practically indistinguishable. Some fans are speculating that Metz didn’t realize that her mic was still on and spoke out of turn. Honestly, I can’t register what was said, and unless there’s a better audio out there, I’m not buying it. In the video, she was holding the microphone the entire time. I doubt that she just forgot during that tenth of a second the camera moved that the mic was probably still on.

Chrissy Metz has  already taken to Twitter and adamantly denied that she insulted Brie:

Again, I think this whole situation is a stretch this is a case of looking for drama where it’s not there. Metz sounds jokey and amiable on the video. Plus, she and Brie have been photographed together in the past and the two have appeared pretty friendly.

I mean for all we know, Metz could have been kidding around. She could have been talking about Brie in jest the way that some girlfriends will address each other and saying something like, “Oh my God, that bitch looks amazing in that dress, I want to rip it off her body!”

Yeah, female friendships can be a little weird sometimes, but it works for us.

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