Exit Stage Left, Mooch

Anthony Scaramuccis claim to fame has been: 1. Being the walking, talking embodiment of the quintessential Italian stereotype, and 2. Holding the office of White House Director of  Communications for a total of eleven days.

Well, Scaramucci decided to capitalize on those two sole traits by doing what every person with no job and a fuckton of notoriety has to fall back on. Reality television! So, The Mooch beelined for Celebrity Big Brother to make sure he can still keep his name out there (because let’s face it, no one’s going to hire him to do anything else).

And after this week’s Big Brother episode, The Mooch can now note on his resume that his stint as Communications Director is officially not his shortest gig. We’re still not entirely sure of the details, but we do know that since the show’s premiere on Monday, Scaramucci has officially left the house. There’s one possible theory that Scaramucci may have quit the show early to attend a business conference. But for now, I choose to believe that enough people got sick of his loud-mouthed, punchable face and realized they couldn’t take him for more than one episode.

Well, onto the next gig, Mooch. Maybe he should try getting up a reality show featuring all of Trump’s defunct cabinet members. It wouldn’t have to be complicated; they could just use the same premise that 85 percent of reality shows have. Shove them all in a house and while we wait to see how long it takes for them to try to kill each other. Get Omarosa, Reince Priebus, Hope Hicks, and Sean Spicer involved, and you’ll really have yourself some entertainment.

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