Government Worker Wins $235,000 for Getting Sprayed by Co-Worker’s Breast Milk

You really can’t make this kind of s**t up. This is the type of story where you just question humanity and wonder what the f**k is wrong with people.

A New Jersey Belleville Township employee was just awarded $235,000 in reparations for being subjected to a “sexually hostile workplace” from 2009-2014.

The employee, Cheryl Jeanette, had two work colleagues, administrator Yara Acosta and deputy court administrator Roberta Almeida. Based on this story, neither of these two women seem to have any idea of how to act in public. I expect more correct behavioral conduct from the residents of the trashiest of trailer parks than from these two.

First, Jeanette said that both Almeida and Acosta openly bragged about their sexual escapades with Belleville police officers and often saw them publicly making out with work colleagues. That may not sound that bad, probably sounds like an annoyance at worst. But it gets worse.

Jeannette also said that one of these two women told her (on several occasions) that she was going to perform sexual acts on Jeannette’s young son. What the actual f**k? What kind of depraved person says that they’re going to screw their co-worker’s kid? And the article doesn’t say how old Jeanette’s son is, just “young,” so I’m not sure if he is/was underaged at the time. I’m going to guess that he was either underaged or just barely legal. But in any case, that’s just sick. And you know what? It keeps getting worse.

Another incident in the report details that Almeida actually squirted Jeannette with her breast milk. Why? Just why? Why the f**k would you do something like that? Look, I’m cool with women pumping in the workplace, sometimes that’s unavoidable. But for Christ’s sake, why the hell would you spray someone with your breast milk? That’s disgusting. This is probably what ultra-conservative white men think all women are going to do if they’re allowed to pump or breastfeed in public.

Apparently, when Jeannette assisted with an investigation of her two colleagues’ performance, she was subjected to retaliation with a demotion and suspension. She resigned after 2014 when she couldn’t take it anymore. Her case was only just settled four years later.

On the plus side, in addition to that $235K payout, Jeannette will also get a lifetime of health benefits. So, at least she won’t ever have to worry about health insurance again. Very handy after getting sprayed in the face with someone else’s fluids.

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