Harry Potter Hates Tom Brady as Much as the Rest of Us

Tom Brady might be the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, especially if you don’t remember Joe Montana, who was way better. Despite that, Brady is also a cheater, and asshole, and a weirdo who kisses his kids on the lips and that’s why pretty much everyone hates him, including, it turns out, Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe gave an interview to Variety at Sundance which turned to football, because he’s a big fan. Radcliffe had some choice words about the Patriots and Tom Brady, of whom he is not a fan. When asked who he was rooting for in the Super Bowl, all of Australia chuckled a bit and Radcliffe said “The Rams. Because the whole world is rooting against the Patriots.”

He went on to say Brady shouldn’t retire, but he should stop winning things and for him to “take that MAGA hat out of your locker. I feel like that was the moment when we were like, as a country, ‘Oh, come on, dude, we all want to be behind you, you’re awesome, don’t put that in there.”

I agree with Radcliffe here, I don’t want Brady to retire, I want him to suffer a career-ending injury where part of his body turns a way it’s not supposed to turn. Also, that it happens when he’s going for it on fourth down in an inconsequential week 17 game when he’s trying to pad his stats to try to make people forget he lost two Super Bowls to Eli Manning.  He can be the model for the Theismann Trophy.

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