Japanese Virtual Model Imma Has the Cold, Lifeless Eyes of a Real Model

I follow the news about virtual reality, sex robots and virtual models very carefully because I believe that at some point in my lifetime I’ll be able to have sex with Sailor Jupiter. That’s what we call living the dream. And at the rate I have to replace body pillows, the Sailor Jupiter robots are going to end up saving me money in the long run. This is why the newest innovation in virtual sexy ladies coming from Japan is so exciting to me.

This is Imma. Imma is not a real person, she’s a computer generated fashion model. What she represents is an emergence from the uncanny valley, where CGI people who looked too much like people became almost horrifying because of their differences. You know, like Gally in that Battle Angel Alita movie.

There’s just something disturbing about her. Not so with Imma, who looks great.

Only the face is fake here, by the way, they just plop it on a real model’s body. Which is kind of screwed up, if you think about it. I feel bad for the poor, butter-face Japanese girl who has to be the stand-in for the sexy computer program.

She’s just like us! Only not real.

Okay, the uncanny valley thing is back now.

Why did they put “#pinkhair” in a picture of just her lips?

Okay, this is starting to get weird. But I’m looking forward to where this is going. Provided that means Robo Sailor Jupiter with kung-fu grip.

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2 years ago

Jeez, you didn’t have to degrade the real model behind Imma. It was totally unnecessary to call her a butterface. You must be projecting.