Justin Bieber Awkwardly Serenades Hailey Baldwin in Beverly Hills

One thing Hailey Baldwin had to take into account before she married Justin Bieber was his capacity for doing bizarre s**t in public. Because once you’re legally tied to someone, their weird-ass behavior will affect you now, too.

In past years, any time Justin Bieber did something dumb, the only person he was embarrassing was himself. Now that he’s married, he gets to make his wife publicly uncomfortable, too.

Well, it turned out that Justin Bieber suddenly got that loving feeling and just couldn’t contain himself. So, he thought it seemed like a great idea to suddenly belt out Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” (why?) right outside the Montage Hotel in Beverley Hills. Right in public. On the street. Where people could see him and hear him (and not in a concert venue).

I’ve been trying to study Hailey Baldwin’s reaction, and I can’t fully tell if she’s actually into this or if she’s embarrassed by this very public display. She just seems to be smiling a little uncomfortably, toying with her earring, and standing around awkwardly while Justin lets passersbys know that he’s looking “to get down tonight.”

A public serenade¬†is one of those things that’s romantic only as a concept and doesn’t translate well to the real world. It’s one thing when you’re just joking around in private where it’s just the two of you, but it doesn’t go over quite the same way when you’re out in public.

I blame romantic comedies for perpetuating the idea that ardently serenading your beloved is swoon-worthy rather than the very awkward experience that it really is. I mean, if you’re on the receiving end of a public serenade, you’re forced to stand or sit there while someone sings in your face, strangers are staring right at you, and you’re left trying to figure out where you should be looking.¬†Call me an unromantic old curmudgeon if you like, but that’s essentially what’s involved.

And I admit, I’m pretty biased when it comes to Justin Bieber. Any time I try to find him somewhat likable, he always counteracts it by reminding everyone how much of a little twerp he can be.

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